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Часто задаваемые вопросы


Who is Snapshooter?

Snapshooter is a photographer who has enabled the Snapshooting option and is ready to accept an order for Snapshooting ("Quick photo shoot"). When booking, please indicate date&time when you would like a "quick shoot". As a rule, Snapshooting ("quick photo shoot") does not include retouch or editing of the photos and is paid to the photographer separately. So please add in the description to the request if you need additional editing.

In which cities photo and video services are available at the moment?

At the moment, you can order all kind of services offered by photographer, videographer, snapshooter and content specialists in Dubai, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Tbilisi.


But Snapshooter can be found in any city. To do this, select "Snapshooters" at the main screen, set a pin in the desired city in the world and click "Search".

How does the service work?

You choose the city and the genre of photography that you need. When filtering the skills, you can choose Retouch or Video if you need short videos as an additional service or as a main one.


As a result of the search, specialists who can provide you with these services will be shown. Then you just compare their portfolios, prices and make your order.

Can I book several specialists simultaneously?

Yes, you can book several specialists. However, you have to cancel the bookings once you have got the confirmation from another specialist.

Can I cancel a service booking request?

Yes, you can cancel your request before or after confirmation by a specialist. But no later than 12 hours before the start of the service for all performers, and 30 minutes before the start for the provision of the Snapshooting service.


In case of violation of this rule, PhotoRoomer has the right to block the user and restrict access to the application.

I'm photographer and accidentally logged in the App for clients. What should I do?

Due to our Privacy Policy and security you can't use one phone number for registration in both Apps, but you can use your email as well as the phone number to log in one app or another.

How can I do Snapshooting?

Snapshooter is a photographer who has enabled the Snapshooting option and is ready to accept an order for a Snapshooting ("quick shoot").


Snapshooter should be able to leave for the location as soon as he/she confirms the client's request or at the time specified by the client.


It is assumed by both of the client and the photographers that snapshooting involves only a limited set of equipment (camera, lens and in some cases a flash).


As a rule, Snapshotting ("quick shooting") does not include editing or retouch of the photos, but such service can be provided to the client separately.

Can I work as a Snapshooter in other cities while travelling?

Yes, you can work as a Snapshooter in another city.

If you are in another country, don't forget to go to "Settings" and change the currency and language in which you can communicate with foreign customers.


Photos must be handed over to the client on the day of shooting or the next day using the application function.


So you will get a higher rating and new clients will more actively order a photo shoot from you!

What is included in the Snapshooting service?

The Snapshooting service includes a quick departure, shooting and transfer of photos with minimal or no color correction, depending on the wishes of the client.

What services can I offer to the client?

Photographer is a creative profession and we do not limit your creativity!


You can create both complex services and services focused on the individual needs of the client, depending on your skills inside the app.


For example, you can organize Master classes, Photo days, Photo trips; offer a service to create the visual attractive presence on media for brands, professionals, companies in social networks; create short videos for Reels or Tik-Tok; make Stories or shoot full-fledged videos for advertising. More information you can find 


Is the application free?

PhotoRoomer application is free for individual customers.


PhotoRoomer Pro is also free at the moment so you can fully evaluate it, benefit from it and be among the first to get high rating and clients.


In the future it will be a subscription fee for any professional.

What should I do if the client has canceled the photo session?

The client has the right to cancel the photo shoot or service 12 hours before the start of the photo shoot and 30 minutes before the start of the Snapshooting. To avoid an unpleasant situation, check with the client for details in the chat in the app after or before confirming the request.

In the event that the client cancels the photo session in less than the specified time, PhotoRoomer has the right to block this user in the application.

How quickly should I approve a request from client?

We have the policy regarding the approval of customer requests.

To confirm a Snapshooting request, you must accept it within 30 minutes after receiving it. If the request is not confirmed by you, it will be regarded as a refusal.


To confirm other services, you must respond to the request within 12 hours. Also, the client can choose the photographer who first confirmed the request.

If you saw a request, but are not sure that you can perform the service write to the client in the chat specifying the details you are interested in.

How to delete your account?

You can delete an account created in the PhotoRoomer or PhotoRoomerPRO application by the developer Volha Holubeva as follows:
1.  Go to your profile in the application
2. Select "Privacy settings"
3. Click "Delete my account" and confirm the action.

Your request regarding deleting of your data you can send to

After deleting a profile, the data associated with it will not be displayed in the application, but will be stored for a month in case the user decides to request the restoration of his account. After this period, all data (name, information, photos, and other account information) will be automatically deleted and permanently erased.

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